8 soorten neuspiercings: hoe u ze kiest en hoe u ze eruit haalt

8 soorten neuspiercings: hoe u ze kiest en hoe u ze eruit haalt

No matter if you are contemplating a nose piercing or have had one for a while, jewelry types are an important consideration. There are several designs, with those that advocate for the advantages of each.

Let's take a closer look at different types of nose studs, what features to look for, and how you use them.

Different Types of Nose Studs and How to Use Them

A Quick Look at the Top 3 Types of Nose Studs

The top three types of nose studs are L-shaped nose studs, bone studs, and corkscrews.

  • L-shaped nose studs are a great way to start your nose piercing journey. These pieces provide security with ease of use, making them great for fast swap-outs.
  • Once your nose piercing heals, you can opt for a bone stud. These are the easiest pieces of jewelry to take in and out, but some find the process uncomfortable.
  • Finally, consider the corkscrew design for a secure hold, especially if you do not swap out pieces often.

1. L-Shaped Nose Studs

L shape nose stud with diamond titanium 20 gauge gold and silver nose ring $18.9, SHOP NOW.

The L-shaped stud has a 90-degree bend in the shaft designed to provide a secure fit. The L is easier to use than the curved design of the corkscrew. This makes them favored by new piercing enthusiasts and those who change out pieces often.

The L-shaped stud you buy needs to provide a secure placement within the nose without sticking out of your nostril. The accent should sit flush like other stud designs.

How to Put in a L Shape Nose Stud?

To insert, place the end into your outer hole with one hand while using your index finger of the other hand to feel the tip poking through the inner piercing hole. Once you feel the tip with your index finger, begin pushing upward and also in so that the bend will move through the piercing hole.

How to Take Out L Shape Nose Studs?

To remove, use your index finger inside the nostril to push the jewelry so the accent stands off your nose. Pull the piece until the bend offers resistance, then pull down and out so the bend moves through your piercing hole.

2. Nose Pins: I-shaped Nose Studs and Fishtail Nose Studs

14K gold nose pin with a clear CZ stone 20G $38.9, SHOP NOW.

I-shaped nose studs and fishtail nose studs are also called nose pins and are similar to L-shaped nose studs. The only difference between these two types of nose studs is that you need to bend the post of nose pins to secure it in your nose while L-shaped nose studs are already bent.

You can buy an I-shaped nose stud and have the piercing tech bend it to fit your nose. The fishtail is a long pin that can be bent into an L or screw shape to fit your nose as well.

3. Bone Studs 

Nose bone stud with diamond titanium 18G 20G silver $18.9, SHOP NOW.

What Is a Nose Bone Stud?

A bone stud is a jewelry piece with a straight shaft. The decorative accent sits at one end and a small ball that is a tiny bit bigger in diameter than the shaft sits on the other. The ball provides some resistance at the piercing hole, helping to keep the nose bone stud in place.

When looking at a bone stud design, you will want to find a piece that provides a flush fit between the accent and your skin. The ball will be smaller than the corkscrew, and fans of this design promote the comfort provided within your nostril as a major benefit.

You may find it worth your time and money to wait until your piercing heals before buying a bone stud to get the best fit.

Nose Bone Studs How to Insert?

After cleaning your hands and sterilizing the jewelry, you insert a bone stud by pushing the end with the ball through your piercing hole. The ball design will stretch the piercing hole as it moves through it. The piercing hole will go back to its normal size once the ball pushes through the exit hole inside your nostril. You feel two popping sensations as it goes through the two layers of skin on the outside and inside of your nose.

How to Remove Nose Bone Studs?

To remove the bone stud, grab the piece by the accent and pull it through the piercing hole. You will likely feel the two pops as the ball moves through both skin layers. Some people wet the inside of their nose with a wet Q-tip beforehand to loosen the skin inside the nose. They claim it reduces the pressure felt when removing the bone stud.

4. Screw or Twisted Nose Studs

Moon nose stud screw titanium 20G $24.9, SHOP NOW.

This is likely one of the most common types of nose studs on the market today. The design is also referred to as a corkscrew or twist nose ring.

The jewelry body consists of a wire that is straight on one end with a curve on the other that forms a corkscrew shape. The latter is what fits into your nose-piercing hole, while the straight end has accents on the tip that display on the outer skin of your nose.

The design is specific to nose piercings. They are very secure once in place, making them a favorite for anyone concerned about nose jewelry coming loose. They are more difficult to use compared to other nose piercing designs, as they must twist into the piercing hole.

When shopping for a corkscrew jewelry piece, keep in mind the base width of the twisted end, as this will rest against the inside of your nose. You and your piercing tech can select a size that will sit comfortably in your nostril while the jewelry accent sits against the outer skin.

How to Use Them?

As with any nose piercing type listed here, insertion begins by washing your hands with soap and water. You can also sterilize the corkscrew before insertion using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

As you prepare to insert the piece, have the twisted end sitting above the straight shaft. Push the corkscrew end into the piercing hole without forcing it. Once inserted, you will follow the angle in a clockwise motion until the corkscrew section disappears completely. You will then push the straight segment of the jewelry piece into the piercing hole until the accent sits flush on your skin.

Follow this process by using your finger to adjust the corkscrew inside your nostril so it does not protrude out.

Removing the piece can be more tricky, as you can not see where the corkscrew begins. Start by pulling the jewelry out from the piercing hole until the twisted section stops the movement. The straight segment of the piece will sit flat against your skin at this point. You can then begin pulling gently as you twist the piece counterclockwise. That motion will allow the corkscrew to twist out of the piercing hole.

5. Push Pin Nose Studs / Threadless

14K gold diamond nose stud 16G $119, SHOP NOW.

Also called threadless nose studs, these pieces use a long labret backing stud and a shorter top post with a bend. The top section holds the accent and inserts into the lower labret. The flat back and straight post do not agitate the piercing hole during healing, and the system is very secure.

You and your piercing tech can select a shaft and jewelry size that fits your nose shape and style preferences. When shopping, keep in mind shaft size, as you want a snug fit that allows the flat labret and accent to sit against your inner and outer skin.

How to Use Them?

To insert these types of nose studs, you should get an insertion taper tool you can get from the shop. Push the taper tool through your piercing hole from the outside. You can fish the tool down so that the tip sticks through your nostril. You can then place the backing piece on the end of the taper tool and then push the jewelry up into your nostril and through the piercing hole. Use your index finger to keep the labret in place as you push the top section into the backing piece until the accent and labret feel snug.

To remove the jewelry, hold the labret from inside your nostril using your index finger. Pull the top piece away from the backing section. You can then insert the taper tool into the backing piece. Once inserted into the tool, push the jewelry down through your nostril while keeping your index finger on the labret.

6. Labret Studs

Diamond labret stud flat back labret nose stud with a clear crystal $17.9, SHOP NOW.

Labret studs are also a great option and usually have an adornment or spiked stud at one end and a flat plate inside the nose, which anchors the jewelry in place.

There exist different types of closure for labret studs, including push pin (threadless), internal thread, and external thread.

Labret studs are worth considering as the flat back comfortably rests against the rear or exit hole in your nose piercing. They are simpler to use than some other types because the removable portion sits on the front or entrance of your piercing hole, making it more visible.

7. Half Hoop Nose Studs

Half hoop nose ring with stud titanium 20G 18G black purple green blue nose piercing $18.9, SHOP NOW.

As the name implies, this jewelry consists of a wire curved into a half loop with one end straightened into a stud. The straight segment is often adorned with an accent and sits on the outer piercing hole. The curved section sits within the nose, with the tail protruding out the nostril and towards the accent.

Your purchase decision here revolves around gem or accent designs you want and tail length. To save money, avoid half hoops with diameters that will not fit within the nose cavity without modification.

How to Use Them?

You can begin inserting the loop segment into your piercing hole, feeling for the end to protrude with the index finger of your opposite hand if needed. Once the tip pokes through you can push down and in at the same time until you reach the straight section. You will then push the nose stud into place until the accent sits flush on your skin. The curved hoop will protrude out your nostril and curve back up toward the accent.

To remove, pull the stud away from your skin until the bend begins to offer resistance. You can then pull the jewelry down as you pull it out, following the curve until the piece comes free.

Variation: Open Hoop Nose Rings

A variation of the half hoop is the open hoop nose ring. Here, the nub gets replaced with an accent that sits on the outer part of the piercing hole. The curved wire sits within the nose, with the end protruding through the nostril and curving upwards. The gap between the ends is exposed, creating the "open" hoop appearance.

8. D-Shape Nose Studs or Hoops

20 gauge nose ring titanium D shape nose stud 18 gauge $17.9, SHOP NOW.

If you prefer the hoop to be visible on the outside, you can always opt for the D-shape nose stud. The wire is bent with a half hoop and a straight segment between the curve, forming the D.

When buying these pieces, watch the length of the straight segment; you want the hoop to curve into your nostril with no part of the straight segment visible to the outside.

How to Use Them?

To put on a D-shaped nose stud, insert the curved section into your inner piercing hole, pushing up as you feed it to the outside of your nose. Once it sticks out, you can grab the curve and continue moving the jewelry down while pulling it. The flat section will sit flush against the inside of your nose.

You reverse the direction when removing the D-shape nose stud. Grab the hoop and feed it into the piercing until the end of the straight segment protrudes from your nostril. You can then grab the end of the straight segment and continue pulling the curved section through the piercing hole.

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