Madonna Piercing: Everything That You Need to Know

Madonna Piercing: Everything That You Need to Know

While body piercings are trendy today, they have been a form of body augmentation for thousands of years. People worldwide have gotten pierced for various reasons, including cultural norms, artful expression, and statements of freedom. One vogue style you might contemplate is the Madonna piercing.

What Is a Madonna Piercing?

This lip piercing is a mimicry of Madonna's beauty trademark. It is placed on the right side of your upper lip. Those who get this piercing see it as a symbolization of beauty, confidence, and individuality. Many consider one to showcase their boldness and sexual appeal.

What Side Is the Madonna Piercing On?

This piercing is located far off, above the right lip on the right side. This piercing is almost the same as the Monroe piercing except for their positioning. The Monroe is on the left side of the lip.

History of the Madonna Piercing

In the late '90s, piercers began piercing the upper lip in an offset position on the right or left upper lip region. The piercing gets its name from the pop singer Madonna, who has a beauty mark on the right side of her face.

Monroe vs Madonna Piercing

The only difference here besides the names are the locations they indicate. A Monroe piercing gets placed on the left side of the upper lip, and the Madonna piercing sits on the right side.

How Long Does a Madonna Piercing Take To Heal?

The piercing site should heal completely in 6 to 10 weeks. You can speed things along by keeping your Madonna piercing clean and not playing with the jewelry constantly. If you suspect it is taking too long, you can always have it checked by the piercer or your doctor.

Madonna Piercing Price

Depending on your location, prices can range between $30-$120. It should be comparable to any other charges for similar lip piercings. Ear piercings are often cheaper, while nose piercings can be more costly.

Madonna Piercing Pain

Your pain tolerance will vary from others, but most people describe the initial piercing as a sharp pinch, with moderate pain levels afterward. Mouth and nose piercings can be more painful due to the amount of nerves in this part of your face.

Does a Madonna Piercing Hurt Your Teeth?

These facial nerves can create toothache sensations in nearby teeth from the agitated nerves, but that should go away quickly. Pain levels should drop within a couple of days.

Madonna Piercing Jewelry

1. Jewelry Types


Flat back labret stud with a ball titanium $18.9, SHOP NOW.

These are also referred to as studs or flat-back studs because of the flat backing of the jewelry. You will find this to be the jewelry most people think of when visualizing a Madonna piercing.

The advantage of the design is that it uses a straight bar that is easy to place, and the flat back is ideal for close piercings by providing security over balls. Some people feel it is very generic because it is so common.


Rings and loops come in several designs, including horseshoe, segmented, and captive bead jewelry. The biggest pro for these items is they take your Madonna piercing beyond an imitation beauty mark and transform it into a bold statement.

These items can be challenging to insert initially and are difficult to size when you first get pierced.


There is also the barbell that tends to be more offset and stand off of your outer skin. It offers a different look, but the inner ball may be uncomfortable to some.

2. Jewelry Size

Gauge (Thickness)

You will find a wide selection of jewelry comes in either 14 gauge (1/6" or 1.6mm) or 16 gauge (3/64" or 1.2mm), with 16 gauge being the go-to size for initial piercings. That is big enough that you can easily stretch a healed piercing to 14 gauge and small enough to use 18 gauge for smaller pieces later on.


Your body is unique. What fits comfortably on you may not work well with others, and vice versa. Also, the length of the jewelry will change from your initial piercing when the lip is swollen to when it heals.

Standard lengths most shops use include 1/4" (6.35mm), 5/16" (8.46mm), and 3/8" (9.52mm) for the initial jewelry. Like in the case with jewelry gauge, the length needed will shorten as you heal.


Hoop designs will usually fall into the standard lengths that shops use for bars (1/4", 5/16", and 3/8"). The measurement here refers to the space between the two posts.

Ring diameters are challenging to suggest for an individual, making it imperative that you obtain a proper fit from the shop when you get the piercing. Like the bar length consideration, each person's skin and tissue thickness varies at the piercing site. Consider also your upper lip thickness and distance from your lip's edge to the hole.

3. Safe Metals

The material used for jewelry is a crucial decision if you don't want your body to reject your Madonna piercing. Avoid brass, copper, nickel, sterling silver, tin, and zinc to prevent extended healing times, allergic reactions, infections, and other health-related issues. So, what metals are safe to use?

Implant-grade or surgical titanium is probably the best overall choice on the market. It is a lightweight metal that is hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant. That makes it ideal for initial piercing jewelry as it places less pressure on swollen lips. You'll also find a wider variety of pieces made from this material because it is easy to shape.

Another popular metal is 14k gold. It is also biocompatible with Madonna piercings, and it is also durable. You can find gold in several tints, and it holds intricate designs. The only downside compared to the titanium above is its weight; the heavier material can feel less comfortable, especially with new piercings. Save the 14k gold for your upgrade after your lip heals.

Other options include niobium (hypoallergenic) and surgical-grade stainless steel like 316L and 316LVM (appropriate for people with allergies but not hypersensitivity).


Madonna Piercing Infection

The piercing's location makes it more prone to infections. Signs include increased redness, swelling, throbbing, heat, and clear/white discharge. Oral bacteria is often the problem, so clean your mouth three times daily with alcohol-free mouthwash, saline wash, or salt wash. Don't hesitate to see your doctor if symptoms persist.

Madonna Piercing Swelling

You will experience swelling when you get your Madonna piercing. The swelling should be subsiding within a week. Some people reduce swelling by letting ice melt in their mouth at the piercing location, while others swear by a sea salt rinse twice daily to bring down swelling. If the swelling persists or spreads, it could indicate an infection.

Madonna Piercing Gum Recession

Your gums are sensitive to irritation, and one side effect of a Madonna piercing is potential gum recession. The baking piece, ball, bar, or ring section rubs against the gum, and this can cause gums to recede at and around the point of contact. Your best defense against the condition is practicing good oral hygiene and not playing with your jewelry.

Can You Re-Pierce?

The good news is you can re-pierce a Madonna location if it closes. While scar tissue might be a concern in some instances, it is often a bonus because of the extra support it will offer a re-pierced hole.

How to Re-Pierce Madonna Piercing?

If you need to re-pierce your Madonna piercing, your best option will be to visit a piercer. If you re-pierce it yourself, order hollow 16-gauge needles. The location of your first hole is perfect for positioning and as a guide when creating the new one.

Sterilize the equipment, your skin, mouth, and hands. When you're ready to pierce, pull your lip up and tight. That gets it off your gums and makes it easier for the needle to punch through the original hole.

Pros and Cons


  • It's sexy
  • Jewelry choice makes it minimalistic or flashy
  • Can complement other facial piercings


  • Movement makes the location harder to heal
  • Oral bacteria can make infections more likely
  • Some professional settings frown on face jewelry


There are a few tips you should follow to help with aftercare for your Madonna lip piercing, including:

  • Opt for soft foods that aren’t overly spicy or acidic.
  • Chew very carefully to avoid biting your lip jewelry.
  • Avoid strenuous activities with your mouth until your piercings are fully healed.
  • Clean the piercings at least twice a day using a sea salt or saline solution.
  • Soak the outsides of your piercings for 3-5 minutes in the solution.
  • Gargle with salt water, paying extra attention to the front of your mouth to clean the backs of the jewelry.
  • Avoid mouthwash with alcohol.
  • Avoid touching and playing with the jewelry as this can introduce contaminants that contribute to infection.

Once your piercings are fully healed, you’ll be able to resume most of your daily habits. However, you may still find it difficult to eat certain foods or drink certain beverages that irritate the wounds. Be sure to talk with your piercer about concerns you may have.

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