Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons

Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons

Spider bites are a unique type of lip piercing. There are two piercings below the bottom lip, off to the side. So they look like two spider bites just below one corner of your mouth. If you’re thinking about getting this facial piercing, learn more about the pain, cost, jewelry options, and more.

For a quick overview of spider bite lip piercings:

Fast Facts
  • Placement: Dual piercings below your bottom lip, off to the side toward a corner of your mouth
  • Cost: Typically $40-$80
  • Pain: Low to mid on the pain scale, similar to a flu shot
  • Healing time: Four to six months
  • Jewelry: Labret studs, curved barbells, or rings
  • Risks: Infection, tooth damage, tooth decay, gum recession, gum damage

spider bites piercing: cost, healing, pain, jewelry, aftercare

What Are Spider Bites Piercings?

Spider bites are two piercings right next to one another, located below the lip on one side toward the corner of the mouth. They get their name because they look like a spider bite with two holes. Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons Image: Euthanasia Piercing.

Spider Bites vs. Snake Bites Piercings

Both spider bites and snake bites involve two piercings below the lip. However, spider bites are right next to one another and placed near one corner of your lip.

Snake bites are separated with one near each corner of the lip. So snake bites are spaced apart whereas spider bites are paired together. Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons

Spider Bites Piercing Cost

How much is a spider bites piercing? The typical cost for spider bites lip piercing is $40-$80. However, this price may end up higher based on your piercer and the jewelry that you choose. More experienced piercers could charge $50 and higher for the piercing alone.

Make sure you go with a piercer that you trust and opt for high-quality jewelry to help ensure your piercing heals appropriately and looks good.

Spider Bites Piercing Healing Time

How long does it take spider bites piercing to heal? Spider bites lip piercings usually take four to six months to fully heal. However, there are various factors that can impact this timeline.

For example, your body may just take longer to heal, taking the full six months or longer. If you experience complications, such as an infection, this could also lengthen the healing process.

The best way to ensure your spider bites lip piercings heal well is to practice the right aftercare, use properly fitting, high-quality jewelry, go with a reputable piercer, and avoid playing with the jewelry.

Spider Bites Piercing Pain Level

Many people report spider bite piercings hurting similar to a flu shot. They can hurt a little more than your ear lobes. Pain level will depend on your own pain tolerance and the experience of your piercer.

If they’re able to pierce quickly and efficiently, it should hurt less. Remember that spider bites are dual piercings, so you’ll have to get one lip puncture right after the other.

Lil Wayne’s Spider Bites Lip Piercing

Lil Wayne is a celebrity who rocks spider bites piercings. They contribute to his edgy look with facial tattoos and eyebrow piercing. His spider bites are located under the right corner of his tip and appear to have two studs for jewelry.

Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry

1. Types

There are different types of jewelry you can choose for your spider bites, including:

Spider Bites Piercing Studs:

Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons Flat back labret stud with a ball titanium $18.9, SHOP NOW.

Labret studs can be a comfortable, easy option with their flat back and screw-on front. They’re easy to change out and sit flat against the inside of the lip, which can minimize oral irritation.

Spider Bite Piercing Rings:

Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons Piercing hoop 6mm 8mm 10 mm simple and minimalist $15.9, SHOP NOW.

Spider bite rings hug the lip and offer a unique look. They can be more difficult to insert and you may need to get studs first and wait for the piercings to fully heal before switching to hoops. Captive bead rings are a particularly popular option and can be easier to take in and out.

Spider Bite Piercing Barbells:

Spider Bites Piercing: Cost, Healing, Pain, Jewelry, Aftercare, Pros and Cons Titanium ring horseshoe barbell $17.9, SHOP NOW.

Curved barbells are a less common option with a ball on either end of the stud. While it could be easy to take in and out, the inside ball can make you more susceptible to tooth and gum damage.

2. Sizes

When choosing sizing for your lip jewelry, it will truly depend on the thickness of your lip.
  • Gauge: The most popular gauge is 14 gauge or 16 gauge.
  • Length: Stud or barbell length can vary between 7mm and 12mm.
  • Diameter: Hoop diameter can vary between 8mm and 10mm.

With spider bites located more toward the corner of your lip, you may be able to go with a smaller piece of jewelry as this part of your lip is thinner.

3. Materials

Commonly recommended materials for lip jewelry include:

Implant-Grade Titanium

Implant-grade titanium lip jewelry is strongly recommended. It is lightweight, nickel-free, and won’t tarnish. It’s often recommended for those who are allergic to brass, nickel, and other metals common for jewelry.

Precious Metals

Platinum and 14-karat gold jewelry can offer an elevated look. However, they may be more pricey and could tarnish over time. Also consider if you have allergies, such as an allergy to gold.

Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

If you opt for stainless steel, you should opt for surgical-grade steel. It often contributes to a smooth healing process and is extremely durable.

However, it does contain small amounts of nickel that could cause allergic reactions in those with skin sensitivities. Talk through all material options with your piercer to figure out what’s best for you and your skin.

Sterling Silver

A metal allow that is durable, affordable, and appealing to the eye with its shiny appearance. However, sterling silver is often not recommended for new piercings because it can complicate the healing process.

Bioflex Plastic

Flexible jewelry made from renewable materials that are metal-free and can come in different colors.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons to think through if you’re about to get spider bite lip piercings.


  • Highly visible for you to show off
  • Various jewelry options
  • Relatively low on the pain scale
  • Can correspond nicely with other facial piercings


  • Can get irritated when eating and drinking
  • Could swell more because of dual punctures
  • More susceptible to infection from mouth bacteria
  • Could cause gum recession and tooth damage, then risking tooth decay


You may be able to do two piercings at a time, but you must make sure they get cleaned front and back. It’s crucial for you to properly clean your piercings at least twice a day.
  • Opt for soft foods that aren’t overly spicy or acidic.
  • Chew very carefully to avoid biting your lip jewelry.
  • Avoid strenuous activities with your mouth until your piercings are fully healed.
  • Clean the piercings at least twice a day using a sea salt or saline solution.
  • Soak the outsides of your piercings for 3-5 minutes in the solution.
  • Gargle with salt water, paying extra attention to the front of your mouth to clean the backs of the jewelry.
  • Avoid mouthwash with alcohol.
  • Avoid touching and playing with the jewelry as this can introduce contaminants that contribute to infection.

Once your piercings are fully healed, you’ll be able to resume most of your daily habits. However, you may still find it difficult to eat certain foods or drink certain beverages that irritate the wounds. Be sure to talk with your piercer about concerns you may have.

How to Clean Spider Bites Piercing?

The best way to prevent complications is to perform the right aftercare. This involves cleaning your piercing at least twice a day.

Your piercer may give you a saline solution, or, you can make your own at home by dissolving ¼ teaspoon of sea salt into 1 cup of warm water.

To clean the piercing, you’ll soak something like a cotton ball in the saltwater solution. Then, you’ll apply it to the front and the back of the piercing to saturate the area. If needed, you can use a dampened cotton swab to gently brush away any crust.

Final Thoughts

If you’re checking out lip jewelry and are interested in a dual piercing, definitely think about spider bites. Relatively low on the pain scale with plenty of jewelry options, the side-by-side piercings are an edgy choice.

Weigh the pros and cons, make sure you’re prepared to take care of the piercings, and pick out lip jewelry that matches your personality and style.

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